'Tis the season of scary monsters...

Facing fears. This is a notion that is so often thrown around and very infrequently elaborated on. It brings to mind the image of slaying a dragon. 'Facing our demons'. Conquer our fears. These ideas permeate our collective psyche.

Fighting though? Battling and conquering? I fight with myself when I'm afraid. I feel like a f*cking 2 yr old. Fussing and looking for excuses and tear prone. When it comes to dealing with fear, courageous or heroic is the last thing I'm feeling in the moment. It's a lovely fantasy but rarely (if ever) have I told myself to step into a hero suit and found myself feeling full of confidence and poise.

Sure there are those rare and precious times when pure human impulse compels one to black out fears (and most other senses) and do something extraordinary and save the day. Usually when people black out feelings and act on impulse though the results are more along the lines of stupidity and don't get charted in the story books.
My experience of facing fears? Acknowledging them is the really hard part and at least half the battle. In fact that says it right there. But to move beyond them I must walk beside them. Every brave thing I've done has begun with every step it takes to get to that battle field where I get to slay a dragon. That's one long walk. Once you're there you're in it and you've got no choice but to follow through. Getting to know your fear though, through every step leading up to your summit, coexisting with it and remaining calmly focused on your own intention. That is the warriors path. Staying in the moment up until your moment. You won't be there unless you're ready.

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