Reverberating from jazz festivals to gritty pubs, yoga retreats to all-night fire parties on downtown rooftops, Adrienne "Aeb" Byrne is a force of nature.

The City Of Angels resident musical mad scientist, Aeb effortlessly blends classic piano songwriting with saucy pop and ethereal flute work to craft songs that are equal parts Fiona Apple and Beck, with all the swagger of Amy Winehouse with the esoteric experimentation of Radiohead.

Aeb, (herself a classically trained jazz musician who cut her teeth alongside contemporary jazz greats Duane Eubanks, Ronnie Burrage and the late Sid Simmons), flirts between sexy, solo piano bar songstress, electronic music phenom and balls to the wall funky rock with her backing band of classic rock royalty. 

A gorgeous mess of sonic pop mayhem, Aeb is equally at home with her experimental/ world/ deep house project KENA, when it's just Byrne ripping up solo sets, or with her with her band - Eric Ward (Marvin Gaye) and Evan Stone (The Translucent Ham Sandwich Band), who back Aeb in crafting those fat, soul-rock grooves that complement her smart songwriting.

Though you may find Aeb on any given night knocking down musical walls at some of L.A.'s hottest clubs, festivals and even yoga studios - Byrne has also backed and shared the stage with many a musical icon, including Robby Krieger (The Doors), Alex Lifeson (Rush), Tommy Thayer (Kiss), Alice Cooper, Danny Seraphine (Chicago) & Haley Reinhart. An active producer, session player and songwriter, her distinctive musical personality has made it's way into tracks from an eclectic assortment of artists including Rich The Kid, Stone Temple Pilots, William Close and The Earth Harp Collective, Tyga, and numerous others.

Aeb is also an active educator and volunteer, sharing her love of music with kids of many walks of life, from some of LA's most elite private schools to high school students at Navajo Nation Reservation. She works extensively with The Music Path (TMP) a non-profit created with Robby Krieger that offers programs ranging from workshops and afterschool programming at public schools to concert series' that help promote and support emerging indie artists.

Aeb is currently in the studio with several projects, including a much anticipated debut from her electronic duo KENA (with Luna Achiary) amidst tour dates throughout the US. Join the mailing list to keep up with all things AEB <3