The invitation, the coyote and the vagrant.

This blog is about music art, thoughts, experiences and people I am inspired by or just plain fascinated with.

I find attention precious, something to be respected, and if I am so fortunate as to win yours for a moment than I'd like to make it worthwhile. I, for one, find myself inundated in information and searching for meaning. Weighted down and looking for the humor in things. Inundated in activity... some amazing and exciting, some mundane. All around I'm in a constant thrust of either repetitive motion or habitual exertion and recovery.

Part of the up and down is that I am often a very lazy person (hehe, it's true!). It's a real life saver that I've got as much will as anyone I've ever crossed paths with. I'm always looking for ways to happily put one foot in front of the other, day after day, whether it be for what I want or what I feel needs to be done. I like to focus on what I can affect. I will always be included in that. I may not change the world, but I can always find a way to exercise more bad-assery than the day before.

And so, with out further ado, I welcome you and invite you to keep checking back. Amidst chaotic and intertwining trains of thought, this gal is a lil midnight rider of tangents. The quirky moments, life-changing experiences, song lyrics in the making and ability to talk a blue-streak about it all are in no drought this year. There is in fact so much noise that I'd stay quiet for the greater good, but I know that wouldn't actually help...... so fuck it.....

A hundred pairs of eyes see a hundred different worlds, and what you see is what you get. My field of vision has evolved to include the things I really want to see, and I offer that as my gift to any and all like minded souls I am lucky enough to encounter.

My motivation to write is not to “create content”. I write because, well, I do anyway.

As for today's little morsel, I'd like to share the scenery of a recent evening....

One evening I pulled into my driveway after a long haul through rush hour traffic (Who, me? Rush hour? Driving? Naaahhh....). I stepped out of my car and began unloading guitars and grocery bags. I felt a presence and looked up to see a coyote watching me from the road. I glanced over my other shoulder and saw a homeless man crouched in the medical building doorway across the street. It was dark, but I smiled anyway just in case I was visible, as if to say 'hello', and went on with my evening.

I sometimes forget the quirkiness of life, the things that become commonplace to one being so completely out of the ordinary for another.

I'd in fact love to hear your moments of bizarre juxtapositions.... things that make you stop and say 'only in my life...'

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