A social experiment in music and food stamps

Today’s social experiment… 

I was going to the grocery store to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving. A situation absolutely ripe for guilt tripping. Sure enough, a woman comes up to me. She explains she is not a beggar but she is just really trying to get some food for her kids (who are standing next to her). Food stamps haven’t come through yet, blind father is inside, etc etc. Either this woman is in dire need of help and I’d be an asshole to turn her down, or she’s really the lowest of the low using her kids as bait to pick up some free cash in the season of giving (and the season of consuming). I decided it was worth the risk of getting ripped off to help her, but wanted to find out where her heart was really at. So, I gave her $20, she gave me her phone number and said she’d pay me back on the first. The $20 is not a huge deal, I told her not to worry about it. I called her when I got home, and asked her if her kids wanted to learn music. If her situation is real, and she actually gives a shit about her kids, she’d be excited at being able to offer them an opportunity they couldn’t normally afford. If that’s the case, I’d be happy to help. Unfortunately, people are often so stuck in their heads and the immediate drama of their reality that they can’t see to step outside it. She may or may not see. Her kids may or may not see. I can put a door there though. It’s worth it for the possibility of us all - me, this woman and family - to be pleasantly surprised. 

Wishing everyone a week full of gratitude, open mindedness towards the good that can be and a joyfulness in taking the risks to find it.

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