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I'm A Man with Danny Seraphine of Chicago/CTA on drums and Aeb Byrne on flute

Posted by Craig Erickson on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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VERY Special Event This Thursday! 

Hello my dear friends, 

This week I have a VERY special event coming up. I will be doing a set at The Mint, next Thursday, July 27. I will be performing as a one woman band, using looping, sampling and a variety of live instruments and vocals to create a sound palette like non other. Dance grooves, familiar melodies and new originals. I’ve been hard at work bringing this vision to life and am suuuuuper excited to showcase it in one of my favorite LA venues. I'd recommend getting there around 8pm, you can get tickets here. 

The entire line up that night has been hand picked by Evan Stone and I to bring together complimentary acts so that your $10 will be money well spent. Stick around after my set to enjoy some fabulous funk soul grooves and a reappearance of yours truly as part of The Translucent Ham Sandwich Band.

Happy 2016! 

Happy Holidays Everyone! 

I am so grateful to have had you all with me through 2015 and cannot wait to see what the next year holds. 

I have experienced time warps when playing the flute, where everything seems to be moving in such detail it's like slow motion. I've seen videos played back and realized it's how fast it's moving from an outside perspective, and that this perception of time and movement are all relative. That's how I feel about this past year. Things don't often seem to be moving very fast, but looking back I can't believe how much has happened. Releasing the EP and my first official music video, first national TV appearance, getting my music on 70 stations across the US and Canada, getting to perform with a humbling list of amazing A list talent AND getting to help some of my friends do the same, helping to raise close to $1,000,000 to help kids with cancer, first time participating in and attending the Grammy's, landing a whole series of commisions as a songwriter and composer, starting a new Americana project, landing the front page of my hometown paper, getting to fly my band across the country to perform, securing a couple brand endorsements and putting on half a dozen concerts with school kids... I'd have to say it's been a time warp. 

I really can't say how grateful I am for all of you. Every bit of good fortune fills me with more gratitude for what I have. As I strive to continually express that gratitude through action, the more it all grows, to where it overflows to those around me and we all can revel in our lives being well lived. I look forward to sharing more and more creations with you this year, collaborating with many of you, seeing you out and about and hearing how all of you are doing. 

So to 2016, all I can say, on behalf of us all, is let's do the time warp again! May we be so immersed in compelling opportunity and delicious experience that we all forget about past and future and just live in the abundance of the now. 



New Releases! More News! 

Hi everyone,


This week has been unbelievably eventful and unforgettable and I wanted to share the moments and news with all of you :-)


The first 3 songs of a new Americana project I contributed to dropped this week! The project SUNSHINE STILLS was produced by the acclaimed team at Del Oro Music who have had numerous Billboard Hits and helped create such classics as “Fields Of Gold” by Sting and “Red Red Wine” by UB40. You can find the music on itunes and spotify as well as most other digital retailers by searching for Sunshine Stills, or you can listen to Sunshine Stills here Special thanks to my cowriter, Leon Serchuk, for making this project happen!


We had a hugely successful release of the music video for “Ain't Got None”, directed by Karuna Tanashi! Thank you so much to everyone who participated, and if you haven't seen it yet you're in for a treat at It's been growing steadily and shares, likes and comments can all help it take off!


I helped raise half a million dollars for children's cancer research in one day! I sang Doors tunes with Robby Krieger and Jack Black. I played and sang some Chicago classics with the legendary Chicago drummer Danny Seraphine AND bring my drummer and collaborater Evan Stone up to join us as well as my beloved harmony girls Luna Achiary and Joanna Hernandez. It was an all around amazing all star jam we had such a good time being a part of!


The EP has made it's way to CMJ Charts! We are on nearly 30 college radio stations across the US and Canada and we keep seeing more action every week!


Last but not least we got the footage for what is going to be an absolutely epic video for the instrument company Tzevoat. This was my first project in which I was composer, director, and a performer and I cannot wait til it's ready to share! You will be hearing more on that soon!!


Thank you all so much for your continued interest and support! It brings me such joy to be able to have endless music to share and good company to share it with. See you at the next show :-)


All the best,


Save the dates! 

Hey everybody!


The near future holds a bunch of unique and amazing events, all the details and links are also at, but here's a quick rundown...


Aug 21 – I will be participating in a celebration of 50 years of The Doors in Venice at Beyond Baroque. They will be dedicating a plaque, and Robby and John will be there to celebrate. There will be a musical performance featuring an eclectic mix put together by Michael C. Ford, a poet and long time friend of The Doors.


Aug 28 – I'll be one of the songwriters showcased along with some other really lovely ladies in the LA Women in Music edition of the monthly NetteRadio Songwriter Showcase. This is a chill artsy coffee shop sort of vibe with tasty food.


Oct 3 - Street Food Cinema! Fun for the whole family :-) We'll be kicking off the night before a showing of Hocus Pocus to get into the October spirit.


Oct 5 – Save the date for the 2015 Medlock Krieger All Star Jam at Moorpark Country Club. Unbelievable line-up for a great cause, all proceeds go to St Jude's. My group is the entertainment for the 19th Hole Party where you can chow on some 1st class eats, hang out with the Laker Girls and get ready for the main stage concert to follow. I'll be jamming on flute and singing along with Robby Krieger, Jerry Cantrell, Eddie Van Halen, Johnny Lang and more. Woot!


Also, if you've got ideas for where to go next, the street team is now up and running with folks distributing press kits and setting up gigs in towns across the country. Let me know if you'd like to get involved :-)


As always, so much love and gratitude to all of you.


I hope to see you soon.




New live video! Enjoy! 

Happy live music season everyone!

Summer is the best time for stumbling upon festivals and free performances and all sorts of wonderful live music. In the spirit of it, enjoy this number from the CD Release party last month!

If you dig it, share it! Like it! Comment on it! It all fuels the fire that makes future things possible and I love hearing from you all

Much love,


Collab with Joseph Gordon-Levitt released! 

Greetings everybody!

First off, for those that haven't checked it out yet, the EP is everywhere (mwahaha!). On, itunes, spotify, etc etc... Also, for those of you in LA you can get it at Ameoba Music which I'm pretty stoked about! We also have T's, stickers, and a newly remastered version of So Hum (the flute album) available, support independent music!

Other awesome news: The collaboration I did with Joseph Gordon-Levitt was just released, woohoo! It's a bit for an episode on his TV show HitRecord on TV, which airs every Friday on Pivot TV. You can check it out here:

If you are a creative person yourself I encourage you to check out Joe's collaborative production company, and consider contributing to a project.

If you're interested in a little back story of this piece...

Some of you may know his brother Dan was a dear friend of mine who we sadly lost a few years ago. Dan introduced me to the art of fire spinning, and we had many a great evening of making music and fire and art at collaborative gatherings known as Flow Temple Parties. We would have a truly unbelievable attendance of world class fire performers taking turns spinning to a live jam session of great musicians, Joe often behind the drums, myself bouncing between flute fire and keys and singing and whatever else struck my fancy that evening and Dan of course gracing us with several sets of amazing fire spinning throughout the evening. He was not only one of the world leaders in the art of poi but a truly special soul... I heard one friend put it this way “Dan was incredibly important to a remarkable number of people.” He seemed to have a gift for genuinely connecting with people and being an infectiously positive influence. In that manner as Joe's older brother he's a huge part of the story behind the man that Joe has grown to be, and in a huge part of who I am today, and the list just goes on.

He and Joe started this production company together with humble intentions over 10 years ago (Dan was a tech guy before venturing into the world of fire and flow). They now have a really wonderful catalogue of works, and even have their own TV show. Anyone can contribute, and the royalties are divided amongst all the contributors used in a given piece. All mediums can find a home here, I encourage you to check it out and put your own voice, writing, drawing, script idea, remix, etc out there

This piece is a tribute to Dan. Much of the footage of him is from the Flow Temple Parties. I can't watch this without a tear in my eye but it's awesome because it brings back to life all the wonderful energy we used to thrive on day in and day out that still pulsates throughout everything we've gone on to do. I'm playing flute on this (you'll see!) Sit back and enjoy a little fire and music.

Have an amazing 4th of July! And as Dan would say, CARPE AWESOME!

Much love,


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