VERY Special Event This Thursday!

Hello my dear friends, 

This week I have a VERY special event coming up. I will be doing a set at The Mint, next Thursday, July 27. I will be performing as a one woman band, using looping, sampling and a variety of live instruments and vocals to create a sound palette like non other. Dance grooves, familiar melodies and new originals. I’ve been hard at work bringing this vision to life and am suuuuuper excited to showcase it in one of my favorite LA venues. I'd recommend getting there around 8pm, you can get tickets here. 

The entire line up that night has been hand picked by Evan Stone and I to bring together complimentary acts so that your $10 will be money well spent. Stick around after my set to enjoy some fabulous funk soul grooves and a reappearance of yours truly as part of The Translucent Ham Sandwich Band.

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