Happy 2016!

Happy Holidays Everyone! 

I am so grateful to have had you all with me through 2015 and cannot wait to see what the next year holds. 

I have experienced time warps when playing the flute, where everything seems to be moving in such detail it's like slow motion. I've seen videos played back and realized it's how fast it's moving from an outside perspective, and that this perception of time and movement are all relative. That's how I feel about this past year. Things don't often seem to be moving very fast, but looking back I can't believe how much has happened. Releasing the EP and my first official music video, first national TV appearance, getting my music on 70 stations across the US and Canada, getting to perform with a humbling list of amazing A list talent AND getting to help some of my friends do the same, helping to raise close to $1,000,000 to help kids with cancer, first time participating in and attending the Grammy's, landing a whole series of commisions as a songwriter and composer, starting a new Americana project, landing the front page of my hometown paper, getting to fly my band across the country to perform, securing a couple brand endorsements and putting on half a dozen concerts with school kids... I'd have to say it's been a time warp. 

I really can't say how grateful I am for all of you. Every bit of good fortune fills me with more gratitude for what I have. As I strive to continually express that gratitude through action, the more it all grows, to where it overflows to those around me and we all can revel in our lives being well lived. I look forward to sharing more and more creations with you this year, collaborating with many of you, seeing you out and about and hearing how all of you are doing. 

So to 2016, all I can say, on behalf of us all, is let's do the time warp again! May we be so immersed in compelling opportunity and delicious experience that we all forget about past and future and just live in the abundance of the now. 



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