Collab with Joseph Gordon-Levitt released!

Greetings everybody!

First off, for those that haven't checked it out yet, the EP is everywhere (mwahaha!). On, itunes, spotify, etc etc... Also, for those of you in LA you can get it at Ameoba Music which I'm pretty stoked about! We also have T's, stickers, and a newly remastered version of So Hum (the flute album) available, support independent music!

Other awesome news: The collaboration I did with Joseph Gordon-Levitt was just released, woohoo! It's a bit for an episode on his TV show HitRecord on TV, which airs every Friday on Pivot TV. You can check it out here:

If you are a creative person yourself I encourage you to check out Joe's collaborative production company, and consider contributing to a project.

If you're interested in a little back story of this piece...

Some of you may know his brother Dan was a dear friend of mine who we sadly lost a few years ago. Dan introduced me to the art of fire spinning, and we had many a great evening of making music and fire and art at collaborative gatherings known as Flow Temple Parties. We would have a truly unbelievable attendance of world class fire performers taking turns spinning to a live jam session of great musicians, Joe often behind the drums, myself bouncing between flute fire and keys and singing and whatever else struck my fancy that evening and Dan of course gracing us with several sets of amazing fire spinning throughout the evening. He was not only one of the world leaders in the art of poi but a truly special soul... I heard one friend put it this way “Dan was incredibly important to a remarkable number of people.” He seemed to have a gift for genuinely connecting with people and being an infectiously positive influence. In that manner as Joe's older brother he's a huge part of the story behind the man that Joe has grown to be, and in a huge part of who I am today, and the list just goes on.

He and Joe started this production company together with humble intentions over 10 years ago (Dan was a tech guy before venturing into the world of fire and flow). They now have a really wonderful catalogue of works, and even have their own TV show. Anyone can contribute, and the royalties are divided amongst all the contributors used in a given piece. All mediums can find a home here, I encourage you to check it out and put your own voice, writing, drawing, script idea, remix, etc out there

This piece is a tribute to Dan. Much of the footage of him is from the Flow Temple Parties. I can't watch this without a tear in my eye but it's awesome because it brings back to life all the wonderful energy we used to thrive on day in and day out that still pulsates throughout everything we've gone on to do. I'm playing flute on this (you'll see!) Sit back and enjoy a little fire and music.

Have an amazing 4th of July! And as Dan would say, CARPE AWESOME!

Much love,


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