Responsibility Is Freedom

Responsibility is freedom. The two cannot exist without one another and when they are embraced they fuel one another. 

We live in times of great uncertainty. As a songwriter, an American, a woman and a member of the global community I have watched massive unrest play out on every level and it only shows signs of becoming an growing energy rather than a passing phase. 

So, I look at, “what can I do?” “what control do I have over my own future?” I ask myself these questions on a daily basis. Sometimes with a very sobering sense of gravity and sometimes playfully, like a game in which each time I get through one level I chuckle to myself and say, ‘f^ck it, let’s see what else we can do!’ These ups and downs, darks and lights, they’re all part of it. 

Yes there are forces at work that affect all of us, and it is critical that we be able to work together in order to not self destruct as a people and a planet. However, if every single one of took as much personal responsibility as we can figure out how to for our own survival, our own families, and our own communities. Responsibility for our own protection, our own judgement and problem solving, conflict resolution. Responsibility for our own education. All of this would create a solid foundation on which greatness can be built. It would give every individual the first hand experiential wisdom upon which they could make sound decisions. It would foster a sea of ideas and fertile discussions. 

The more you can do for yourself, the less you have to worry about what everybody else is doing. The less anybody else has to do for you. The personal satisfaction of life is greater because you built it yourself. If you have a great idea for what policies should exist, try them in your home, your neighborhood. If you think you’ve got the greatest song ever, sing it. If you find it disturbing that it’s so hard to make a living as an artist in this day and age, step back and really think outside the box about how to make yourself useful. You can think in dollars, barters, gifts or whatever other creative medium you come up with. Money represents energy, and with an open mind the energetic force of music can be unstoppable. If you’re worried about the future, learn survival skills. 

If you can master yourself you can master the world. Most importantly, remember to have fun doing it.

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