Live it up folks. Fear only has what power you give it.

It is hard to think under great stress. Learning to remain calm is key - people act stupid when they are afraid. Learning to recognize fear is critical - it is often sneaky and disguised since no one enjoys looking it in the eye. Though I must say, I have developed a little bit of love for it, because I have now faced it enough times in enough different situations that I have learned how marvelously liberating it is to conquer even a little fear.

I would have thought myself insane in the past, but after studying my fears and my tells I felt confident that trusting my life with an inch wide strap, hung by complete-stangers/brand-new-soulmates over a 2,000 ft chasm in Yosemite was definitely what I wanted to do.  I was most definitely afraid to do it and I was most confident that I would be happy with the feeling of walking away having done it rather than shying away. What a fabulous image to have in my mind forever. The doubt and second guessing is the hard part.  You can torture yourself indefinitely if you lag in the fear, but if you are absolutely decisive about facing fears they're not so bad in the end.

All that and it's hilarious that I still have to give myself this pep talk over little social anxieties and the mundane day to day fears that are constantly before us. That's all stress is - little mundane fears, or larger fears being hinted at by mundane circumstances. But if it weren't for studying all of these challenges, big and small, those magical moments when I have a huge opportunity and respond by stepping up would never happen. Live it up folks. Fear only has what power you give it.

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