Christmas Lights, Cop Lights

Tonight has a particularly interesting energy in the air. Lots of noise and pedestrian traffic. Black Friday coming to a close, street vendors of Christmas dolls and toys are hanging in there to make every last buck they can. I'm walking over to the neighborhood liquor store, greeting all the neighbors as I pass – being a chic in the city there's nothing better than knowing the neighbors have your back. Christmas lights deck the fronts of ruddy apartment buildings. Somehow those lights bring more warmth to the street than all the California sunshine of the daytime.

My block is quiet but the protesters have been quartered off 2 blocks down the road from me. Their is a rumbling breeze from the helicopters circling and I must have passed 10 cop cars zipping over there when I was on my way home earlier. They kept the protests off the highway. I hear they are arresting people now to break it up. I hear racial slurs from those irritated at the traffic situation being caused. Some of the arrests are related to tagging, some are just round ups. It's all mixed up. All witness' accounts are mixed up, police and civilian alike. When the people are at war with the police it's all mixed up.

I'm not here to make political statements. Culture observations, however, fascinate me. There's something to this that reminds me of Occupy. People are passionate but nothing about it is clear. With Occupy the reason was unclear, with this the reason is clear but the story behind it is not. It's easy for people to agree that change is needed and change is in the air. It also speaks to the state of affairs that so many people don't have enough in their lives to miss by going out into the streets. It's easy to agree on discontent.

As usual I'm not sure where I fit in this picture. I work on myself before I try to change the world, that's been my M.O. for a while now and it's still keeping me busy. I guess that's my own movement. The secret is I do believe it's powerful enough to change the world. I wait and watch before I speak, I like to observe. I feel right at home taking it all in and writing it into songs. That's my piece, wherever it ends up fitting into this picture... That angle is only for all of you to see as you piece together the puzzle.

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